First Half of 2016

Sunday, July 10, 2016

               It has been 8 months since I last posted a blog post. I got bored and I'm too lazy to type and update my blog. LOL. So, today I will summarize what happened in the first half of my 2016. 

               January and February, uhm, I think nothing much happened?? LOL. I just celebrated the New Year with my family and relatives. Oh, I forgot, I met BEFORE YOU EXIT OMG Connor Mcdonough!!! ♥ And I went to #3LOGYINMANILA. THE VAMPS, BEFORE YOU EXIT AND THE TIDE WITH SPECIAL GUESTS, JAYDA AVANZADO AND WILLIAM SINGE!!! 

               March. My aunt, uncle and my cousins went home from Australia. We were all so happy because we finally saw them again after 2 years or 3 years, I'm not sure. They went home because they will celebrate my cousin's 7th birthday here. A week after her birthday, we went to Indang to have a family bonding at Villa Filomena.

It's a natural spring resort located in Purok II, Kaytambong Indang, Cavite.

               April. We had two family swimmings, one in my mother's side and another one in my father's side for the second time. April-May. I stayed at my lola's house because it's our summer vacation. I bonded with my cousins literally everyday like we never run out of things to say and to do, we watch tv series together, we always play cards, and we always buy something to eat everyday (super unhealthy foods lol). End of my May, my friends and I went to close up forever summer and we regretted it. Partying is not our thing LOL. 

Princess, Leigh Anne, Mae, Lya, Me (Ria), Lu Jean, Yza, Angel, Jenina and Bea ♥
Eula, Carla, Me (Ria), Mariel and Ria Catubo.

               June. School started. I am in Grade 11 and a student of Cavite Institute. I'm taking up ABM (Accounting and Business Management). It's been 3 weeks since school started and I want it to end already. SUKO NA KO PLS. Oh, it was also my birth month. I celebrated it with my family and relatives. Sweet 16 ♥ chos ew 

Ria. xx

*Disclaimer: Photos are from pareng Google.
*If there are wrong grammars, sorry, I tried. lmao

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  1. Arrasou amei a postagem, tenha uma semana abençoada.

  2. Beautiful!